Eshop Design & Development

Start your new eshop now! A functional, efficient, easy-to-use and stylish eshop that converts visitors to dedicated customers!

You want an eshop that turns visitors into customers, provides a unique UX with perfect UI design, and does it in style, speed and absolute safety. Artware knows how you can do it better! We design your eshop, exactly as you need it.

From us you get all the ingredients that create the perfect eshop, both aesthetically and functionally, with a design that makes your eshop and products stand out, content that converts user to dedicated customer, all smart applications providing an easy add-to-cart process and sales management, and comprehensive support.

Our Eshop Design & Development services include:

  1. Research and Data Analysis of your company, products, target audience and competition.
  2. Top and personalized eshop design.
  3. Eshop development with smart applications, safety and functionality.
  4. Conversion-oriented content optimization.
  5. Targeted eCommerce marketing.
  6. Comprehensive, fully personalized and instant support.
Listen to our customers:

We design and develop your eshop according to your company and products’ aesthetics and philosophy.

Starting an eshop is a priority for your business’ development, progress and evolution. Nevertheless, keep in mind that your eshop is not just an alternative way to sell your products. It is the digital version of your physical store. Just as you configure your physical store according to the aesthetics and philosophy of your company and products, so should your online store. And this is the personalized eshop design.

Your eshop needs an eye-caching design, because you have only just a few seconds to win over the customer.

To have a successful eshop, you should be able to easily answer these 4 basic questions:

  1. What your eshop’s goal?
  2. What’s your target audience?
  3. How should your products be displayed?
  4. How can you do it better than the competition?

The eshop’s design determines its aesthetics and structure. Both of these ingredients lead to success.

That’s why, through our eshop design services, we:

  1. Discover your needs.
  2. Build the structure of your eshop.
  3. Create a top aesthetic experience.
  4. Shape a comprehensive eCommerce strategy.

Text, images, videos, 3D models, and design elements are the means to make the difference and boost your on-line sales. We create all of them just for you!

Eshop content, SEO and targeted eCommerce marketing strategy are the parameters that will make an eshop successful. This means that text and image work together to highlight the company’s products and values, while the content’s placement and presentation create emotions and motivate the eshop’s visitor. Thus, overall, your eshop’s content turns the visitor into a customer, leading them to place their orders and complete their purchase.

Experience in eshop development is a key success factor.

Your eshop needs speed, safety, responsiveness and adaptability to any type of device, smart applications to guide the visitor, a comprehensive and easy management system, and full compatibility with marketplaces and third-party applications.

Mobile-first eshop design

3 out of 5 eshop purchases are made via smartphones and portable devices. No one wants to go back to their desktop just to buy the product they need and already searched on their mobile. That is why your eshop’s design shouldn’t be just responsive and mobile friendly, but mobile-first.

Comprehensive development

Speed, functionality, safety, connectivity with third-party services and marketing applications. All the parameters of eshop development that determine its success. We know how to offer it to you for your own online store.

Check out some of our favorite and featured eshop design & development projects and just imagine your new and successful eshop. Then challenge us to create something even much bigger that exceeds the limits of your imagination.

Did you that…

59.32% of users, worldwide, use their mobile phone for browsing, compared to 38.46% of those who use their desktop.
(Statcounter, Αύγουστος 2022)

Every 1 second your eshop delays to respond reduces user satisfaction by 16% and potential sales by 7%.
(Roger Dooley, “Don’t Let a Slow Website Kill Your Bottom Line”, Forbes)


You have your new eshop; it’s fully functional, excellent in terms of aesthetics and functionality and effective in sales. But that’s simply not enough for you! You also need comprehensive Support.

We know it and we offer you comprehensive training in eshop management of your eshop, as well as instant and direct troubleshooting and technical support.

They’ve entrusted us with their eshop’s design and development, and they continue to enjoy our premium support We are always at their service with our eshop design & development services.

You want to start your new eshop, but you still have questions about the eshop design services we can offer you. It’s time to get your answers!

We have collected the most frequent questions we receive from our customers and provide you with clear and direct answers.

How much does eshop design and development cost?

We should consider 3 main factors: The eshop’s size, the content and the deliverables. Straight after our Discovery Workshop we can give you the exact numbers in cost and time schedule.

Talking about YOUR new eshop, all you have to do is just get in touch with us. Both we, as a Creative Agency, and our specialized partners, ensure that we are more than able to cover every need of your eshop, having and providing all the web design & development solutions that fit your needs and your budget.

What do eshop design & development services include?

Initially, through the Discovery Workshop, we determine all your eshop’s needs (through company and product characteristics, target audience and competition study, eCommerce strategy, required applications, aesthetic content identity, applications development), the project’s costs and schedule, we create the sitemap (the eshop’s structure) and the wireframes (the content’s structure and flow). Then we proceed with Design, Content Creation and Development. Before having your eshop live, we optimize the content and run all tests and check. Then, it’s training time, in order to help you manage your eshop, add products, deal with orders and update content. Finally, you also have the instant and direct support on any technical issue, and additional content production services.

What about adding my eshop products and their prices and info?

We provide you with both comprehensive training and a simple, easy and straightforward eshop management interface. Shall you need additionally our services even on this task, we are always at your disposal to take care of your needs and find the most effective solution.

My eshop still delivers but it needs just a “refresh”. Can you just fix it?

Of course, we can undertake the redesign or the optimization of your eshop, and help you boost your sales. But, first things first, what needs to be done is to evaluate the your eshop’s potentiality and then to find together the solutions that suit you best. Αll you have to do is contact us!

So, are you interested?

At Artware, you have the partners you need in eshop design, development and support. We are by your side, we listen carefully to your needs and we are always available to offer you top services with expertise, experience and a smile.

Do you need something more? We have that too. We are always available to listen to your vision and make it a reality. All you have to do is contact us.


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