Discovery Workshop

We discover your project’s needs. You discover your company’s goals, dynamics and development options.

You want your partners to understand your vision and goals without having to explain it to them over and over again. Ok, you may be lucky with that; but, what about your clients? That’s why we are here. But first, we should learn about your vision and your goals.

Artware’s Discovery Workshop was created for exactly this purpose and is what you really need. It starts independently at the beginning of every creative project. Together with our clients, we discover their needs, philosophy, problems and the goals of their business, we coordinate with them and we create the strategy and our approach to their project.

What you will get through Artware’s Discovery Workshop:

  1. Objectives’ identification and analysis.
  2. Personalized project strategy.
  3. Absolute control of project planning and scheduling.
  4. A team that fully understands your needs.
Listen to our customers:

Everything could be said in two words: Time and Efficiency. But this is not enough, because the benefits are multifaceted.

Through a series of short and targeted meetings, by answering a specific questionnaire and talking about the specific tasks of your project, you gain back all that time you would spend explaining your goals and vision over and over again.

This makes us even more efficient. We have your goals and all the data we will need, without having to come back again and again for more information or clarifications. At the same time, in this way we don’t only ensure, but we also measure the success of the final result. And that’s because, apart from efficient, we also want to be responsible for what we deliver.

The Discovery Workshop provides absolute control over the project. Whether it is Branding, or Web / Eshop Design & Development, or any creative project, we understand your goals and needs, and then we adjust the parameters and set the deadlines.

Once we have determined all of these together, our next contact will be followed by comprehensive feedback on the extensive research about your company and its services, the competition -both physical and digital- and your target audience’s needs and demands. This is how we find the most efficient way to convert each member of this audience into your next customer.

Every Branding, Web Design and Content Production project starts with its Discovery Workshop. Thus, we all have absolute control and a clear reference to measure its success!

Our Discovery Workshop provides you, in…

Branding, with Design Strategy, Moodboard, Time and costs analysis

Website & Eshop Design, with Sitemap, Wireframing, Content Strategy, Time, costs and strategy analysis

Content Production, with Content Strategy, Structure and Technique Analysis, Time and costs analysis

Check out how the Discovery Workshop worked in some of our favorite projects and imagine what we can do to turn your goals into results. Branding, Web Design or Content Production become even better when you share your vision with us and discover its true potential through our services.

Did you know that…

With just 6 meetings you can reduce by 95% the probability that additional information will be needed, and by 76% the probability that additional design alternatives will be needed during the creative process. This way you save time and we increase efficiency.


From the first moment you have all the info about the schedule and the detailed budget that each task of your project requires.

Upon Discovery Workshop’s conclusion, you will have a complete plan according to which we will proceed with your project’s implementation, covering all your company’s creative and digital needs for its development and evolution in the field of communication and the actual conversion of its audience into customers.

They knew their goals from the first moment and discovered the potentially of their project, before we even started with its implementation. They are now successful and we feel happy that we’ve “discovered” their success story!

You may be coming across Discovery Workshop as a service for the first time, which is why we have collected the most frequently asked questions and want to share all the answers with you.

Why is the Discovery Workshop necessary?

The Discovery Workshop is not an additional service that we’ve just “discovered” just to make the process more complex. It is rather the opposite: Through our experience in the implementation of every creative project, we know the importance of gathering all the required information from the first moment, in order to speed up the process, to avoid possible delays and obstacles that could arise along the way. In addition, this is the only way you can demonstrably monitor the guaranteed effectiveness of the project.

Thus, the Discovery Workshop is essentially what you would like to ask us for, before we start with the design of your project.

How long is the Discovery Workshop?

The Discovery Workshop takes much less time than the constant back and forth of emails, attached files and phone calls for additional information and guidance.

In practice, it can be completed in a maximum of 5+1 short and targeted meetings, with a structure that you will already know from the first moment.

Should I come to you for the Discovery Workshop?

How do you feel more comfortable? Or, better yet, what is the most effective way to work with someone?

For us, physical presence is not necessary. Everything can be done remotely with the same efficiency, while parts of the Discovery Workshop, such as some questionnaires, can be done completely asynchronously, at times when you could answer the questions more comfortably.

So, are you interested?

At Artware you have the partners you need. We are by your side, we listen carefully to your needs and we are always available to offer you top services with expertise, experience and a smile.

Do you need something more? We have that too. We are always available to listen to your vision and make it a reality. All you have to do is contact us.


Web Design and Development

  • Web Strategy
  • Information Architecture
  • Website Design
  • Website Development

eShop Design and Development

  • Web Strategy
  • Market Research
  • eShop Design
  • eShop Development
  • eShop Marketing


  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Identity Design
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Print Design
  • Packaging Design

Content Creation

  • Professional Photography
  • SEO Copywriting
  • Video & Animation
  • 3D Visualization
  • Marketing assets