Branding & Corporate Identity Design

Branding makes you stand out and drives the audience to choose you, your services and products.

You want people to know about your company. You want them to choose your products and services over your competitors. You want to be the first name that comes to their mind, even before they realize they need your company. Is it possible? It is certainly possible, only by combining proper branding with specialized corporate identity design.

Branding and Corporate Identity Design are the two factors that build and communicate your company, product and services’ image.

The branding and corporate identity design services we offer include:

  1. Comprehensive research of characteristics, needs and competition.
  2. Branding strategy.
  3. Corporate Identity and applications design.
  4. Corporate identity application, activation and continuous support.
Listen to our customers:

You know who you are and you know what you do, but do you know why it really matters? Branding and Corporate Identity design offer you the strategy and material with which you will communicate your company, services and products. And this is the way you will turn your audience into your loyal customers.

As a first step we provide you with the comprehensive research of your company’s characteristics, the identification of its needs and goals, the data of the competition and the characteristics of the target audience. Immediately after, we create the strategy, design the visual material and proceed with its applications.

With Branding, you get the strategy that will guide the public to shape their perspective on your company and products. Corporate Identity Design will offer you all the means of visual communication, that is: graphics, colors, texts, audio-visual material, which, as a whole, create the image of your company.

When these two are effectively combined, then they define the Brand that accompanies you. Or, simply put, they shape the feelings of your audience towards your company, and turns them into customers who consistently choose you.

Neither your brand name, nor your image are simply given to you; you gain them through branding and corporate identity design! But, in order to design your corporate identity, we must first create the story that will talk about you and your company. And this story is built upon your unique voice, characteristics and values.

The means that will tell your Brand story are visual: Your name and logo, and the tagline that delivers its essence; the color code and typography that will characterize it; the icons, images, photos and videos that will present it; and the texts that will enrich it.

  1. Brand Values, Character & Voice
  2. Brand Story
  3. Name, Logo & Tagline
  4. Typography & Color Code
  5. Visual Media: Icons, Images, Photos & Videos
  6. Copywriting

You get your corporate identity and all the means to apply it both inside and outside your company. And yes, Branding offers you that too.

Internal Branding

You boost your image, but you boost your company’s management, since everyone has a common communication code. Internal Branding is aimed at the core of your company. Your human resources follow its philosophy both in customer service and intra-company interaction.

Corporate identity applications

Everything is dressed up with your corporate identity: Your printed or digital product catalogs and communication material; your product identity and packaging; all Marketing applications and the web design elements; the interior design of your company’s offices and facilities; even your corporate fleet of vehicles. This is how you communicate your image to your audience, using any visual medium available.

Check out some of our favorite and featured Branding and Corporate Identity Design projects, and imagine your own corporate identity. Then challenge us to create something even much bigger that exceeds the limits of your imagination.

Did you know that…

88% of the public now consider authenticity and originality in a corporate identity as an important parameter when choosing a company.
(Stackla, Post-pandemic Shifts in Consumer Shopping Habits, 2022)

46% of customers would pay more for a brand they trust.
(Salsify, 2022)


We have created your Branding strategy, designed your corporate identity, and supervised its implementation. So, are we done now? No! Because the corporate identity follows your company in every future application.

People trust those who have consistency. That’s why along with your corporate identity, you also get the instructions on how to use it -aka the Brand Style Guidelines. Brand Style Guidelines are compiled in a so-called manual that includes everything you need: The identity itself, the image, the logo, the color code, the typography, the philosophy and the elements of strategy. The purpose of the Brand Style Guidelines is not only to explain the essence and the purpose of your corporate identity, but also to guide you in its proper implementation and communication, at any future stage, with coherence and effectiveness, …until you ask us for rebranding.

They entrusted their Branding and Corporate Identity Design to us, and we are happy for their success [brand] story!

Having questions about Branding is absolutely normal. Everybody does. We’ve collected the most common ones and we want to share the answers with you.

How much does Branding and Corporate Identity Design cost?

-How much does a brand-new car cost? -This depends on the car. -So, how much does a car that meets my needs cost? -This depends on the features it has… Ok, I think we all get the concept.

Branding is not just “coming up with a name and designing a logo”. It is the strategy, the visual means of communication and their implementation. And the truth is that an incomplete strategy and a “nice” but irrelevant corporate identity costs much more.

So, to answer the question, we prefer to talk about your project exclusively and according to the needs of your company. We can now do it now, just click here!

I have a company name and logo. Are they not enough?

It would be enough in an age where people would buy either a pig in a poke from the …pig market monopoly. Nowadays, all that matters is what the customer thinks about you and your products / services. And even more, it really if what you can offer them creates more satisfaction than what your competitors can do.

So, you have a name and a logo. Do people know about it? And if they know, how do they feel about it? Branding aims to create the exceptionally positive “common feeling” in your target audience. It thus creates your Brand and then converts your targets in loyal customers.

How long will the whole Branding and Corporate identity process take?

The exact answer to this can be safely given once we have completed together the first stage of getting to know each other and defining the objectives, needs and deliverables. This is the Discovery Workshop step.

In any case, however, there is a common timescale. Corporate Identity Design usually requires a range of 15 days to 2 months, depending on the required applications. Branding strategy usually requires 2 to 5 months, depending on the required research.

What does the Branding Strategy include?

Branding strategy forms and dictates the most effective way to communicate the company’s identity and characteristics and it is applicable in a wide range of fields. The main fields shaped by Branding are:

  • Corporate identity
  • Marketing (Print, Digital, Outdoor, Media)
  • Internal Branding (in personnel, management and communication)
  • Professional Spaces (Shops, Kiosk, Facilities)
  • Products & Product Packaging
What does Corporate Identity Design, as a service include?

Corporate identity includes all those visual elements, media and applications that define and communicate the company’s image, characteristics and philosophy. Its main elements are:

  • Brand Story
  • Brand Values
  • Brand Character
  • Brand Voice
  • Company Name & Logo
  • Tagline
  • Branding Manual
  • Color Code
  • Typography
  • Icons
  • Images and Visual content
  • Copywriting

So, are you interested?

At Artware, you have the partners you need for your Branding strategy and Corporate Identity. We are by your side, we listen carefully to your needs and we are always available to offer you top services with expertise, experience and a smile.

Do you need something more? We have that too. We are always available to listen to your vision and make it a reality. All you have to do is contact us.


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