Tsikrikonis Gioinos Wine – Wine label design

The brand of Tsikrikoni’s Winery table wine Gioinos consists of six different labels. Artware proceeded to refresh the image of the brand by redesigning its labels under the spectrum of a creative adaptation, while for the aesthetic completion of the thematic label, added features of the local plantation of the place of vines’ cultivation.

The basic image of each label is the outline of a -different for each label- tree from Mount Paggaion, which is connected to the characteristics of the respective variety. The descriptive text for each product is discretely placed in the design, while each label is distinct by a different colour which accompanies the gustatory character of the particular wine.

The coulor code and the specialised material identity of the label, allow the visual elements to stand out, but also to aesthetically communicate the identity of the product. The texture of the label is directly related to the illustration, giving the consumer the complete experience from the choice of the product to its consumption.

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