Vitera Tea & Hebs – Eshop – Design and Development

An eshop design on a clean basis, from the very first step of conceiving the idea to its completion, delivery and successful operation as an online store, goes through some specific stages, which demand all the creative staff of experts being fully committed to each and every step of its design and development.
The new Vitera online store followed the completion of the branding process and its corporate identity’s design, as well as the design of its products’ packaging. It is purely based on the company’s philosophy and the goals of its commercial focus for the collection and selling of herbal teas and beverages. The functional goal of the eshop was the development and expansion of the company’s e-commerce transactions, according to the specialised specifications of the products, the business itself and the market of reference.

Creating an eshop as an expert

Every eshop has its own needs and demands, and through its specifications both the design of the ecommerce website and the development of its functions and applications are determined. Considering the specific case of Vitera’s new eshop design and development, the demanding nature of the products themselves, such as tea products and herbs, defined the information-centric philosophy of the presentation, but also the aesthetics of the internal product and information pages.

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Eshop design & development services

All the unique and specific needs and requirements of a project such as creating the new Vitera eshop were fully met by Artware, with the provided services of eshop design and development, Eshop Art Direction, Study and analysis of competition and digital targeting base, User Interaction and User Experience strategy (UI / UX Design Strategy), Product Photography, Creating Quality Content and Search Engine Optimised (SEO) Text, Creating unique and original Visual Content and Graphics, Responsive Design & Development and Communication and Sales Marketing Strategy.

Animated design

In creating an eshop, the use of graphics and images has a large variety of purposes. Thus, creating an animated image is one of the most effective means of visual communication of information, as it includes all the content in its design and delivers its interpretation through the comprehensive channel of animation. Therefore, in addition to the application of corporate identity in the visual structure and the design of the online store, the Animated Visual Content design was the basis for the immediate and direct communication of emotions, which are used in identifying the products and their properties with the needs of the customer.

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Eshop product photography

Photography is -indeed- a key part in creating an online store. Aiming at the complete and proper presentation of Vitera products in its online store -as well as for their perfect identification of their image, philosophy and design within the overall content of the eshop- the art direction of the photography played an important role in both the visual and the functional part, through the presentation of the product packaging and the visual presentation of the products themselves and their natural ingredients.


Quality content, SEO, Marketing, Responsiveness

For the Vitera eshop, the creation of targeted, original and quality content, according to the philosophy, the target audience and the character of the products themselves, was the basic strategy for the optimal communication of information, but also for the specialised ecommerce marketing strategy.

Nevertheless, the texts of the Vitera eshop were optimised in terms of Marketing, according to the quality characteristics of the target audience, but also in terms of search engine friendliness (SEO), while their integration harmoniously followed the design line of the online store.

For the development of the eshop, special attention was paid to the responsiveness of its pages, with special care for the mobile traffic. At the same time, all the required applications were integrated, maximising the experience of easy, simplified, secure and immediate processes, such as account creation, purchase and electronic payment.Ένα υβριδικό ηλεκτρονικό κατάστημα