Package Design – Tsipouro Thalassa

The creation of a label and the selection of the appropriate packaging for a Greek traditional tsipouro beverage, includes the creation of a separate product identity, with philosophy, aesthetics and targeted marketing all included. The establishment of such a frame for designing a label or creating a package is often misinterpreted, while most people believe that it simply contains the design of an image and the selection of an appropriate name for the product. On the contrary, a Packaging Design project is, in fact, a whole process that includes complete brand concept establishment, with competition research, creative design the product’s image and communication strategy, product naming and multilevel product marketing.

We proudly welcome Behance’s decision and choice to feature Artware’s packaging design for ENPOKA SA Tsipouro “Thalassa” in their recommended projects collection.

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Label and Packaging Design

In the creation of the packaging and the design of the label for the Tsipouro “Thalassa”, the fluid image of the sea is reflected both in the image of the packaging design and in the visual display created by the choice of the clear and large in diameter bottle. The label includes in its visual concept the linear depiction of a complete visual reference, which represents the dominant element of the product’s name “Thalassa” (Sea), but also the process of product’s distillation. The sea, the boat, the fire and the distillery pot constitute the structural visual elements of the product label’s content, while the colour code of the packaging, in white, gold and blue, enhances the visual communication of the design elements.