Thermoplastiki – Web Design

Thermoplastiki SA, a leading manufacturing industry of integrated applications based on aluminium and synthetic polymer (uPVC), addressed Artware in order to redefine its online identity and presentation. The design and development of a new website has been the most important step in this endeavour, but its essence lies behind technique, content marketing strategy and communication.

The creation of the brand new online image of Thermoplastiki was strategically designed to consist of 4 key components: The Product, the Manufacturer, the Services and the view of the product’s User. Thus, the whole designing process was based on the philosophy of Thermoplastiki, as the manufacturer of the products and the applications, the high aesthetics and the integrated functionality of the products, but only when a complete framework of communication interfaces with the visitor of the website was implemented, only then all the pieces fell into place.


Content makes the difference

To create and promote substantial quality content through the new website, Artware has implemented an innovative strategy. Due to the extent and the number of Thermoplastiki’s products, and after consolidating the features of the new website, Artware’s staff collaborated directly with Thermoplastiki to prioritise the importance of the information, which was to be included. Thus, the strategic design of a multilevel information management system has contributed to the development of a significantly flexible website, especially in terms of content targeting.

The information is delivered to the visitor through integrated sets of terms, with precise characteristics, and without the use of additional generic vocabulary. The precise specification in the presentation of products and services allows the visitor to find quickly and easily the results of their interest.

The site itself is specially designed to support the implementation of an integrated content marketing strategy, both in terms of quality content and corporate information. The structure and the code help significantly in featuring and easily sharing the content, even on social media.


Custom website design and development

In order to host and feature the presentation of such a large number of products, but also in order to achieve a complete presentation of the company’s profile, philosophy, characteristics and services, it was necessary to create an extensive structure of landing pages and subpages. The integrated structure of the site and the specialised categorisation of information enable this large number of pages to be functional featured by extended usability. Moreover, a visitor can easily access the provided information either by following the specialised categorisation or the integrated search application of the website. Finally every single department had to take care of every single creative detail due to the custom design, function or content of the pages.


Flawless navigation-friendly website design

The design of the website follows the logic of adapting to each and every type screen, OS and browser version. The website follows a unique design that complements its responsiveness with the use of retractable elements. The application of both the design and the code was based on the philosophy of the company towards the presentation of the distinctive characteristics of the products and the visitor’s own view.

The easy navigation on the new website of Thermoplastiki is a result of a wider designing strategy. Adding a custom mega–menu to the top of the page lists all the available categories, but also helps the categorisation of the products and their better presentation, allowing the visitor to choose the right category or subcategory.

The same philosophy also dictates the application of a specialised side menu that leads the visitor to the desired category without having to return to the top menu and without choosing the subcategory of the products. In addition, the convenience of choosing the right product is enhanced by sliding navigation elements that follow the scrolling.


Illustrating and delivering the information

For the optimum transmission of information, Artware has designed over 140 new custom-made icons with explanatory / informative purpose. Thus, the visitor to the site has the ability to instantly obtain general information, even in a fleeting access to an internal page. The information content of the icons is completely specialised, covering a wide range of technical and functional features and characteristics of the products.

The use of icons is complementary to the transmission of specific products’ information, covering in the most comprehensive way the need for rapid and clear transmission of an extensive set of information, which would be difficult to carry out by reading the existing informative text, especially in a case of a more general search for products and information.


Dedicated professional photography

The wide range of the products dictates the need for their extensive presentation both in text and image. For the purpose of the product’s complete presentation, Artware proceeded to photo-shoot and then process a set of more than 1000 photos. This was done both on the premises of the industry and in Artware’s studio, in order to secure ideal lighting conditions.

The photos are used in both the main presentation of the products and the highlighting of their important details of the products, in order to create the most complete portret available to the visitor of the website.


Research, Plan and Design

Facing a vast amount of products and a plethora of technical terms, Artware had to delve into the information of a new field, to familiarise with the context and the circumstances and deal with the most effective management.

An extensive diagram of categorisations, with an actively applied marketing parameters setting, was the outcome of the extensive research on the field, the company and its products. This was translated into an effective categorisation of the products and their better presentation, letting the visitor learn, compare and choose not only the right product but also the supremacy of the company against competition.


Communicating the Quality Content

The content of the new website of Thermoplastiki S.A. is a valuable part of its communication. The correct presentation of the information, through the quality text, the use of graphic elements, and the professional photography, is highlighted through the design and the optimised design. The specially designed blog and the compatibility with the parameters of Social Media and Newsletter Marketing are just some of the tools that allow Thermoplastiki to communicate directly and effectively its new website’s content.