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Considering web design and web development, when you create the digital image, or, simply put, the website, for a construction agency that undertakes the design and construction of buildings and industrial premises, the main challenge is to highlight the specific characteristics of the customer, by following a quite similar designing and “constructing” process. This was exactly the case with Stokas Construction’s new website, created by Artware.

With the completion of Stokas Construction corporate identity, the artistic design guidelines of the website were already predetermined. Thus, the whole design was based on the concept of the structural – architectural design itself, in gradations of grey tones.

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The concept of the Design

The whole concept was built upon the 3 core values, ​​embodied by Artware in Stokas Construction’s brand refresh: Achievement, Commitment and Inspiration. In an artistic simulation of construction plans and blueprints and by using a neutral colour palette, in grey and sepia tones, the content of the web page is highlighted visually and divided into two broad themes: Information and presentation of technical, architectural and construction abilities.


Using the Brand as a guideline on custom web design

From the very first moment, the visitor has a clear image of the concept which is built upon the very core elements of the brand itself. Even within the design and the artistic element, the message is clear. The 3 terms, which were selected to represent the main values of Stokas Construction, Achievement, Commitment and Inspiration, dominate the content, re-establish the brand in the mind of the visitor and unify the included “universe” of information.


Ready to “communicate” with every visitor

Considering the content, the visitor receives step-by-step all the important elements of information. The process is solid and simple: By presenting the agency’s full potential, the staff and the philosophy; the innovative services as featured content; and the presentation of its accomplished projects and its theoretical statements in exclusive sections

It goes without saying that all the crucial information is conveyed to the visitor via a unique, custom, responsive and fully accessible website. The SEO and all the security parameters conclude the webdevelopment and provide a complete and totally reliable result.


Making the difference

A special place in design and development of the architectural and construction office Stokas Construction’s new website had the subpages of the complete projects’ portfolio, as well as the active blog, which consists an excellent and useful Content Marketing tool for our client.
In the same philosophy and aesthetics, the content stands out to the maximum, attracts the visitor and communicates the information that shows in the clearest way the quality difference both in projects and philosophy.