Stokas Construction – Corporate identity design

Branding always follows two main paths: the first one leads to the visual identity and the second one passes through the qualitative representation of the unique characteristics of the company. Artware undertook the redesign of Stokas Construction’s corporate identity, in order to reflect the company’s unique features in the integrated brand.

Therefore, considering the process followed by our client in offering their services, we followed the exact reversed approach in logo design and communication strategy of the company’s philosophy, through its unique features.


Achievement – Commitment – Inspiration

Since the first step -before even engaging with the creative process- is to study the customer’s qualities and unique characteristics, we analysed all the information and created the applicable profile for the corporate identity, while providing a basic theoretical framework within which we could create the brand’s elements.

The architectural design is the real basis from which all our client work begins, so the characteristics of this element have been the cornerstone of our own corporate identity design.

In the strategic communication of the brand, 3 terms were selected to represent the main values of Stokas Construction: Achievement / Commitment / Inspiration. These 3 key words accompany the corporate identity in any extended application.


A thematic design

The logo designing process began by creating a linear representation of a letters S and C composition, since these are the initial letters in the Stokas Construction brand. Thus, the main guidelines in our design followed the concept of the structural – architectural design itself, in gradations of grey tones.

The minimalistic mood is clearly stated through both linearity and colour choice, underscoring the purity of the logo, as it also reflects the quality and strategically structured work performed by Stokas Construction. The linear design of the logo is accompanied in the integrated form of corporate identity by the name STOKAS, conveying the crystallised information of the company’s brand.


A unique portfolio design

The corporate identity was applied to all of the company’s communications material, to its new website, as well as to the QUBI dossier, designed by Artware. QUBI is a folder that is delivered to the Stokas Construction clients upon completion of their project and includes an extensive set of relevant documents.