Step One – Eshop design

Step One’s physical shoe and accessories stores have written their own unique history in Kavala’s market. The quantity and quality of the products, the love for the field and the unparalleled service provided by their staff, but also the unique philosophy of the company, had to pass to the digital market, taking the next big step with an original, custom and extremely functional e-shop.

Having designed the company’s Branding, our mission was to translate it into a unique, fully functional, sales-driven eCommerce website. An e-shop worthy of the identity and the philosophy of our customer, aiming at its high quality presence in the digital market.

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Strategy and design

It’s nice to be greeted by a home page that knows what you need, but especially that presents all your possible options and works just like the welcome conversation in the physical store.

In this way, the e-shop follows a customer-centric philosophy, giving the visitor the opportunity to choose the products, providing them with the specialised and relevant information.


Featuring the products

Every product has its own back story, or at least an interesting presentation that lets the visitor make their final decision by comparing all the available and related options. The extensive categorisation and the special design provide the visitor with the guidelines, while using all the details of the brand in an artistically smart way.