Print Odyssey – Eshop design

Print Odyssey e-commerce website was wonderful journey of creativity, including both the website’s design and development, and the products photography. So, based on the corporate identity and the philosophy of its design lines, inspired by the concept of the innovative packaging, but also with the focus on specialised photography of samples, products and packaging, Artware created an eCommerce website for Print Odyssey, under custom web design and a new perspective in the field.

Our main task was to create a website as a unique and extremely friendly tool for Graphic designers and Advertising agencies. A digital “Ithaca”, or, in other words, a digital destination, providing its services in the most comprehensive and friendly-to-use way.

A unique tool that makes the difference

In addition to the comprehensive features of security and privacy, adaptability to any type of device and browser, the site hosts in its design and development all those key components of Print Odyssey’s identity, but it also includes useful applications, such as calculation of the financial benefit offered by Print Odyssey, according to the exclusive characteristics and demands of their project.


Customer’s quality as an identity

It is clear that an eCommerce website, an e-shop, reflects to the digital world the image of the physical company behind it. So, in Print Odyssey, the quality and nature of the services, the specialisation and the identity, were the ingredients and the source of inspiration for the elements of its unique and custom design.


For the “Ulysses” of packaging…

The purpose of the design and development was to help the professional of the packaging design field isolate from the whole “Odyssey” of searching for the right package the enjoyment of reaching “Ithaca”, aka the successful result. So, the visitor can easily, pleasantly and reliably carry out the whole process of choosing the most compatible with their demands service and complete even the transaction of purchasing it.