Lamb New School Coffee: Summer Edition – Packaging Design

It’s a fact that Packaging Design can boost the experience of pleasure, and it’s not just a visual trick. From the very first moment of the day, coffee, in all its forms, has its own special place in the daily ritual of pleasure, which is why it should also have its own special packaging, which serves the needs of quality and taste preservation, as well as visual and physical pleasure.

This is the packaging design framework for LAMB New School Coffee’s Summer Edition concept, which includes the Cold Brew coffee can, the summer coffee and cold beverages cups, and the LAMB New School Coffee 10-pack package of capsules. Therefore, dedicated to these products, the LAMB New School Coffee’s summer concept called for its own special packaging design, to communicate the freshness of taste, to feature the modern characteristics of perception and the quality of its products’ preparation, , as well as to offer a complete and unique experience to the customer, from the first moment of holding the package until consumption.


LAMB Branding Presentation - Σχεδίαση Συσκευασίας καφέ
Σχεδίαση συσκευασίας καφέ - LAMB Branding Presentation

Designing the Cold Brew can from the (back)ground and up

By choosing to begin the packaging design with a pure silver metal can we could emphasize to the purity of the content and the essence of the cool pleasure that it offers. This sensation is also underlined by the white background of the label, which creates the background (literally and metaphorically) of the smooth visual transition from the silver metallic can to the visual content of the label, via elegant package design. Functioning as a white canvas, the label highlights the design elements and the typography of information, which is imprinted in a combination of gold and pink.

In the packaging design process for LAMB New School Coffee’s Cold Brew, the dominant embossed gold and pink of the color code underlines the quality of the product, enhancing the concept of a premium experience. It also matches perfectly with the white and gold elements of the corporate identity, enhancing awareness. The aesthetic details of the packaging design create an abstract frame of rhombuses, that enclose the unique visual experience and the label’s information, leading at the same time the visual focus both to the logo and to the product’s brand-name.

Σχεδίαση συσκευασίας καφέ - LAMB Branding Presentation

Designing the summer edition cup for coffee and cold beverages

The unique sensation of summer pleasures can be imprinted on a cup of coffee, when packaging design does its magic, by highlight the flavors through the visual identity. A white canvas on the background of the cup gave us the freedom to proceed with full creativity and allowed the visual elements of the packaging to stand out. The color combinations, containing light shades of yellow, pink and blue, enhance the sensation of freshness and cold delight. That’s why all the design elements of the packaging follow the spirit of the summer concept with the slogan “Summer edition” dominating the vertical axis of the cup.

The packaging design of LAMB New School Coffee’s summer edition coffee and cold beverage cups was adapted into 3 sizes of 8, 12 and 16oz, while a double cup stand was also designed with unified visual design features.

Σχεδίαση συσκευασίας καφέ - LAMB Branding Presentation

Packaging design for coffee capsules

Coffee capsules preserve a concentrated experience of freshly grounded coffee’s taste and delight. Thus, the packaging design for LAMB New School Coffee capsules does exactly the same. The practical packaging of the 10-piece capsule box follows the horizontal information structure, with the corporate identity and the basic information of the quantity and the coffee variety presented on the two main opposite sides, while on the other two sides of the package the customer can find useful information about the product and be inspired by the slogan “Third wave coffee shop & education lab”.