Oblivion website – Web design and development

Providing services of web design and development it means that your “product”, aka the website, should be created according to the needs of its content, purpose, and target audience. And yes, the same goes for the olive oil! This is because the product itself determines the web design, the content and the web development through its quality characteristics.
The web design and development process for Oblivion olive oil website was the third creative part of Artware’s dedicated project; Branding and Packaging Design included. In both of these previous steps, we defined the visual context which inspired all the digital graphic elements created for the website, through specialized design.

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Custom Web Design

The website’s design process for Oblivion olive oil followed the aesthetic guidelines that derived from the corporate identity, the branding elements and the packaging design of the product. Thus, we achieved absolute aesthetic homogeneity throughout the website, also promoting the brand itself and enhancing awareness.
The straight lines of the screen’s frame are harmoniously combined through the web design with the dominant presence of the graphic element of the curved lines, while the earthy color palette of the product package was applied as a background color code of the website, enriching aesthetically the visual result and underlining the color code reference. The modern design philosophy has also determined the presentation of the website’s visual content, with the product itself and its physical elements to be presented and featured on every subpage.
In order to apply the targeted marketing and communication strategy, we have designed dedicated subpages. Therefore, the website tells its own story about the identity and concept behind the product’s name, about the product itself, about its natural and pure Greek origin, and finally it leads the website’s visitor to communication with the company and learn more about the product and the ways of possible collaboration.

Oblivion Olive Oil - Σχεδιασμός Ιστοσελίδας
oblivion κατασκευή ιστοσελίδας

Original website content

Text, graphic elements and product photography were combined to create the website’s content. Through smart web design and implementation, the product’s 3D models and professional photography compose the visual content of the website, supported in delivery by the original copywriting.
The strategy behind the website’s text content, relied on the technique of storytelling -regarding the creative sections- according to the philosophy behind the product’s name and the theoretical background of its production process. At the same time, the info content copywriting followed a targeted marketing and communication strategy, infused with specialized SEO keywords and meta.

Oblivion Olive Oil - Σχεδιασμός Ιστοσελίδας

Smart and flexible web development process

The web development process was focused on the animations’ implementation, dedicated to the unique aesthetical result of the website’s content, ensuring the optimal User Experience with smooth scrolling and immediate response. The graphic content and images’ optimization provided the website with exceptional results in loading time tests, while the final touch was focused on Search Engine Optimization, even for the website’s visual content.
Therefore, every animation and all the website’s content were optimized in the final steps of the web development process, paying high attention to the mobile version of the website. By ensuring excellent responsiveness and universal mobile-friendliness, we have created a unique and seamless visual experience for both the desktop and mobile versions of Oblivion’s new website.

Oblivion Olive Oil - Σχεδιασμός Ιστοσελίδας