Mpoumpas – Eshop Design

Creating an eshop for a boutique butchery is always a challenge. And indeed, when you have to design an online store for a boutique butchery with almost a century of tradition and experience, then all the parameters of the web design become even more complex.

Therefore, the design of the “Boubas Meat of Epirus” online store had to balance between the important history and the modern perspective that characterises the company. Thus, the quality of the tradition associated with the name, blends with the modern features of the eshop’s visual content, and together they create a stable and powerful identity that is reflected in both the online store’s structure and the visual elements of the integrated ecommerce marketing.

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Designing an aesthetically complete eshop

The structural and aesthetic elements of the corporate identity, as well as the visual communication code of ecommerce marketing, played an important role in the design of the online store. Thus, the eshop was designed through the elements of the corporate identity, the aesthetics of the company’s philosophy, but also the identity and nature of its products, aiming at the complete communication of quality features and always in accordance with the objectives of the communication strategy.


Eshop web design that promotes the products by itself

A successful eshop has always to put its products in the spotlight. This means that web design was to make it happen, place them strategically within the online store. Thus, for the design of Moumbas Meat of Epirus online store, the nature of the products, their image and their ideal presentation played a decisive role. The same stands also for the more specific elements in the design of the eshop’s product pages, as well as in the products’ presentation spots on the home page, but also on the product category pages, with the aim of creating a complete ecommerce website that serves both the conversion marketing purposes and the qualities of the content marketing.

According to the eshop’s web design, its products are presented through the designed aesthetic elements, which are determined by the Marketing strategy. The visual communication code fully meets the characteristics and specifications of target audience. The aesthetic elements of the exquisite quality, elegance and authenticity are underlined by the purity of the eshop’s web design and convey the desire of choice to the visitor.


Eshop web design according to the Brand’s guide

The relevance of the online store’s design to the company’s visual identity is always an important part of its communication strategy. For the online store itself, however, it is not just a matter of Marketing. It is a base, which can constitute an inspiration for both the visual and the aesthetic identity of the eshop’s pages and at the same time to communicate directly the quality characteristics of the brand to the visitor of the ecommerce website.


Eshop and product categories

Mpoumpas Meat of Epirus is not just a company that provides its customers with quality meat. It is a fine boutique butchery with a large variety of quality products, which can perfectly accompany its unique meat products.

For this reason, web design had to take care of the products’ smart categorisation within the online store, not only for their ideal presentation, but also for the correct guidance of the visitor to find easily and quickly the products of their choice. Furthermore, it was for the web design that provided the same features to the quality content, by creating the right structure for all the eshop’s content subpages, such as the corporate presentation subpages, blog, “ambassadors” pages, meat choice instructions and suggested recipes.


Eshop content architecture

The structure of the online store was designed with the correct hierarchy of content in mind, according to two main axes: a. Through the communication strategy and b. According to the preferred presentation through the very eyes of the online store’s visitors.

Thus, the web design of the online store determines the correct basis of the content’s communication strategy. Considering the home page, with a direct audiovisual presentation of the identity, followed by the featured products’ presentation and the communication of the quality characteristics through copy. Respectively, the products, as well as the content pages of the eshop, follow the structure that can provide the visitor with the information in the most communicative and direct way, leading him either to product sale or to the complete assimilation of the content.