Lakidis – Eshop design

The construction of an eshop starts much earlier than the beginning of the design and development of the actual online store. Such an eCommerce project starts already from the definition of the all the parameters, according to the needs of the eshop and the research in all the Marketing-related data, both in terms of defining the targeted audience’s quality characteristics, as well as those of the digital and physical competition.

The new eshop of Lakidis S.A. a leading manufacturer and trader of food processing machinery, both in Greek and international markets, serves the purpose of establishing the complete online presence of the industry, with active eCommerce activity. After the construction of its corporate website by Artware, the new web design & development project entrusted to us by the customer, was the creation of an online store for the most direct online sales service of the domestic and international customers, providing used, refurbished, reconstructed and display food processing machinery, consumables, spare parts and auxiliary equipment.

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Creating an eshop with extensive categorisation and active filters

For such an online store, which includes a total of hundreds of products, it is obvious that a smart product categorisation and the corresponding ability of multiple filters should be applied, so that it is simple for the eshop visitor to quickly and easily locate, according to their needs, all the corresponding product.

For this reason, the products of the online store were categorised both in terms of their type (equipment – spare parts / consumables – auxiliary equipment) and in terms of characteristics (20+ different types of food processing fields), but, in addition, according to the respective industry they serve (12 different types of food processing industries). This is achieved helped by the eshop’s smart mega-menu, as well as by the multiple applicable filters within each product category, which can effectively limit the products to those of the visitor’s exclusive interest.



Quality content, SEO, Responsiveness, Management, UI/UX strategy

For the new Lakidis S.A. eshop, the creation of the visual content, but also of the original content of the website, were the key elements for both the functionality in the communication of information and the implementation of the eCommerce Marketing strategy. At the same time, the important process of search engine optimisation (SEO) was carried out, as well as the optimisation of the specialised content according to the related industrial terminology.

For the eshop’s development, special importance was given to the user experience and the easy navigation through the pages. Moreover, we made sure that it will be extremely easy to place and manage orders, both for the customer and the administrator, with also an additional integration of all required third party transaction and shipping management applications.


An eshop from research to content

The first stage of designing and developing the Lakidis S.A. online store was dedicates to the research of Marketing and Competition data. The special category of eshop products, the international target audience, with various and variable quality characteristics, the parameters of the existing competition and the wide range of categories served by the products themselves (corresponding to a number of different food industries), defined the eCommerce Marketing on which the eshop communication strategy was structured.

Respectively, the same parameters, this time in terms of content, determined the design of a complex and extensive sitemap, on which the design and composition of the online store’s content was based.

For the eshop design and development a decisive role was played by the factor that the online store had to include an extensive number of products, which were accompanied by the corresponding categorisation within the eshop’s design, but also the corresponding active filtering through the online store’s development.