Inikon – Web Design

Inikon is a leading company in the field of iron products manufacturing, processing and trading. After our first task of creating its corporate identity, Inikon assigned us the challenge to create a representative website in order to present both the company and the range of its products and services.\

Our goal was to create a website that can reflect the quality elements of Inikon in three main areas: Identity and Philosophy, Technology, and Products. Inspired by the brand’s guidelines, and also by the nature of Inikon’s products and services, we have created a website that will be able to direct the interested visitor to useful information, with clear guidelines and without unnecessary verbalism.

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The website is the mirror of the brand

The visual clarity of the corporate identity and the direct references to the nature of the material constitute the inspiration for the web design. The shades of gray and the sense of metallic colour details defined the aesthetics and featured the information of the content. One of web design’s key points is the purity of the lines that direct the visitor to access all the content of the website.


Targeted Content, Photography and Categorisation

Artware has met all the needs of the website’s visual content with professional photography of the company’s facilities and products. The choice of black and white photography, but also the careful presentation of the products, define the visual identity of the website and blend harmoniously with the artistic elements of the brand. For the purpose of the product’s complete presentation, Artware proceeded to photo-shoot and then process a set of more than 100 photos.

The creation of the website’s quality content included copywriting for both the corporate presentation and the description of the products. A fully categorised content that includes technical terms and information, still free from any creative addition, in order to be crystallised and directly absorbed by the professional who visits the website and looks for the exact specifications and of each product.


Aiming at the right audience

The commutation strategy is fully targeted at the company’s market audience, with direct reference to those features which are useful to the professionals of the industry. Through the website the visitor can find in the easiest way the product of their interest and combine it with similar products of each and every category.