Epicure – Corporate Identity Design

We were commissioned to create the complete Brand Identity of a new and unique restaurant in Kavala Greece, taking into consideration the need described by the unique philosophy of a delicate specialty and the essence of intellectuality.

Being considered as a unique case, the Epicure restaurant in Kavala is dressed up with the uniqueness of aesthetics and philosophy, both as a place to enjoy your meal and as a brand. Epicurus, and its theory on Pleasure, is transformed over time into epicure, hence a sophisticated man who knows how to enjoy life, therefore Epicure Restaurant takes a name that suits all the philosophy and aesthetics. Put it simple, the transition from Epicurus, the philosopher, to the word “epicure”, underlines the importance of enjoying luxury and sensuous pleasure as a vital part of one’s life, and thus, this philosophical idea had to be clearly depicted in the logo and the entire corporate identity. In other words, it is a corporate identity with an integrated philosophy, and a brand for a unique restaurant, with a unique substance.



The theoretical background of the name Epicure, given by Artware, and the inspired architectural design by Urban Soul Project were the main sources of inspiration for the creative department of Artware. The characteristic curves of the interior design form the main theme of the visual identity. Included in the additional features of the logo, the a metrical/phonetic value of the name’s letters not only indicate the proper pronunciation of the name Epicure, but they also create a direct link to the philosophy as a way of life. Finally, the colour and the design approach underline and convey the clear message.

Once the integrated design had been accomplished, Epicure’s corporate identity was directly applied to the specially designed wooden cover menus, restaurant’s utility, corporate apparel and all communication material.