Eklekta tes ghes – Eshop design

It’s a fact that 2019 had been the year when most food service and delivery companies have crossed the threshold of eCommerce, by running their dedicated e-shop. Eklektá tēs Ghēs has been an exceptional case of this larger data pool, by challenging Artware to design and develop an e-shop that will host their natural, dietary solutions for consumers with a healthy and nature-oriented mindset.

In the designing and developing strategy of the e-shop, there were two main axes: On the one hand the special identity of the products (with a corresponding presentation) and, on the other, the faithful customer service, in a simple, natural and safe way, similar to process that takes place in a physical store. Since we had achieved the previous objectives, our additional challenge was to adapt our final digital product into a fully functional online store with a strong reference and active social media integration.



Reference to Brand through the eCommerce website

There is a deeper meaning in the brand Eklektá tēs Ghēs. Word by word the name indicates that the natural products are the earth’s exquisite “gifts”, but at the same time it indicates the character of selectivity and choice. A feeling that the e-shop’s visitor experiences during the purchase process, through the simplicity and the artistic character of the eCommerce website.


Bringing the products in the spot light

A clean, clear and vivid design, conveying the message of the modern healthy style of life. This is the context in which we designed and implemented the eCommerce website Our goal was to communicate the quality of the products, presented through the branding filter.

Since the products have the dominant role, not only in the commercial identity but also in the very core of the company’s philosophy, they should dominate their corresponding and important place in the e-shop’s design.

Their ingenious placement within the frames and the practical framework, their clear presentation, and their specialised multiple categorisation, provide the e-shop not only with a useful identity, but also with the visual presentation that makes the difference.





100% functionality dedicated to commerce

The appetising, clean look of the design was embedded in the structural development of an 100% functional eCommerce website, with integrated GDPR, online payment and shipping applications. The active product categorisation and featuring process delivers a friendly environment at both ends of the eshop, considering the potential customer and the administrator. Finally, with a special focus on the additional quality content and its manifold communication, we proceeded with Blog and social media integration.

A code within the content

It is important to make another reference to the design of the e-shop The choice of colours, but also the lines of the frames, were chosen to present the product itself, dominant, on its own digital shelf, but also to connect it directly with the quality content. The visual code blends with the information and conveys the marketing message to the visitor with the most smooth and comprehensive way.