Egnatia Aviation – Editorial

Artware has delivered the full rebranding of Egnatia Aviation, by refreshing the visual identity and linking it with an integrated visual marketing code to convey the message of its status.

Considering the application of Egnatia Aviation’s brand as a demanding and versatile process, we proceeded by creating a “manual” as a complete guide, providing all the necessary instructions and visual references to ensure the impeccable results of every possible scenario.

Εγχειρίδιο Εταιρικής Ταυτότητας - Egnatia Aviation

Creating the ultimate brand application guide

The Brand Guidelines, or the “Corporate Identity Manual”, is a reference tool that helps our client maintain a homogenised image of their business’s brand. In other words, it is a book of instructions that codifies the way a company is presented to the public. In this guide someone can find all the information on how to use the various elements of the company’s identity, image and philosophy, in the most integrated way. The case is handmade, inspired by the corporate identity itself. The paper we used was Curious Matter Adiron Blue by the company Χαρτιά Perrakis (Chartiá Perrákis).