Mantzaropoulos – Corporate identity

Artware accepted the challenge of designing and implementing the corporate identity of Mantzaropoulos S.A. trading company. Creating a branding identity for a Transport & Logistics company constitutes a process of integrating and communicating all those common features that represent the context of speed and quality service, but also all those unique elements that represent the uniqueness of the customer’s corporate philosophy.

Starting with the formation of the corporate philosophy and proceeding to the thematic formation of the image that will represent the corporate identity of the customer, Artware chose the originality of the linear design, aiming to convey basic concepts through an original visual code.


Project Overview

Our customer’s philosophy on the immediate and effective coverage of its commercial delivery network inspired us on the choice of the theme. The choice of a galloping horse’s image highlights the speed and the reliability of the company, while the linear presentation intensifies the focus on these thematic axes. The corporate identity applied throughout corporate material, business cards, correspondence forms and business equipment, with a special focus on clothing and the company’s fleet of vehicles.