Axiotis – Eshop Design

Axiotis is a certified Kärcher dealer offering the brand’s full range of state-of-the-art home & garden equipment and solutions to home owners and businesses. It is this double target audience, but also the special features of the extensive number of products that defined the specialised design, perfectly harmonised with the visual identity of the parent company.

Our goal was to create a sales-driven eCommerce website with a strong emphasis on customer service and third-party marketplace integration, while providing the shoppers with a unique browsing experience via rich design, responsiveness and enhanced functionality.

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B2B & B2C friendly

Each and every target audience has its own special characteristics and demands the appropriate treatment. Therefore the simple separation of home and industrial products is not enough. Within Axiotis e-shop, we made it certain that the individual customer will be greeted by the appropriate content and find the directional lines of their interest’s context.


It works like the physical store!

The plethora of the products demanded an equally expanded base of content to provide all the necessary information that the client would be able to get, just as if they have visited the physical store.

Divided and categorised into more than 30 separate categories the products are featured within the artistic elements of the design. The functionality frame is enhanced by the product-centric development, which directs the visitor to navigate to the exact sub-page, will they have the option to access all important information within the extensive product presentation.



Design, Development and Compatibility

It’s important for us to design and develop a user-friendly e-shop. But, with “user-friendly” with refer both to the visitor/potential client and the administrator. Therefore the development of e-shop addressed this double issue with particular care. To ensure the perfect result we proceeded with creating a complete, personalised, fully responsive and mobile-friendly navigation experience for the specialised target audiences, with extensive and manifold product presentation and integrated functionality accompanied by online payment, 3rd-party platforms compatibility and GDPR.